Category Topics

Elections and Nominations

This section is for nominating your peers who you believe deserve recognition, or for submitting your application to fill a role, and subsequent discussions surrounding elected positions and applicant suitability.

Grants and Funding proposals

This category is for submitting proposals to the DAO for consideration. Community determined prerequisites for eligibility must be met, and after a predetermined time to allow members to review the documentation and leave feedback, if necessary a second draft can be submitted, incorporating the feedback of the community from the first draft. Should the community signal sufficient support for the proposal and all eligibility requirements be met, Latest draft proposals will move to Snapshot for formal DAO ratification.

Temp Checks and Soft Consensus

This category is for users who are interested in gauging community sentiment or gathering a team to work toward the creation of a proposal for DAO vote.
Polls and their results within are used as a way to measure support or resistance for ideas, and are not considered bound by the results of any poll made here.

Site Feedback

Discussion about the Post.Tech site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Create topics here that don’t fit into any other existing category.



This category is used as a method to declutter the forums and keep only the most relevant information at the front. Information within the forums could be valuable historical records, so the archive is maintained to ensure that there is no data loss in pruning the more active areas of the forum.